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Won’t He do it!?

I just have to take a moment and explain what I have experienced spiritually over the past week.  I have been a bit stressed (as you can imagine) with the race against time that it seems that my Mom is involved in.  The catch 22 between aggressively working to clear the fluid from her lungs to help her breathe on her own and the toll that it could take on heart if they were too aggressive and getting her safely off the ventilator before permanent damage occurs..  So I have had a specific order in mind of how things wold need to go.  Cardiology had an idea too of what they needed to see before they would consider her for the heart procedure that she needed.  The doc told us weeks ago that unless he saw more activity and awareness from her and clearing up of her infection, she would not be a candidate for the procedure.  He continued, talking right over her,  to explain all of the complications with the procedure that could lead to another stroke if there were calcifications, death if the aortic valve was ripped in the process, possible need for blood transfusion, and so on and so on.  This same doc only came back 2 more times with doom and gloom and the expectation that Mommy was supposed to snap to when he was around.  He spoke very loudly when he addressed her (like that would get her to respond to him). And on his last visit, he just asked us "how is she today?" Right over her again like she wasn't even there.  So I asked her, "how are you today, Mommy?"  And she answered me and he heard the answer.  Needless to say, we did not like him much.  So from that point on, another member of his team had been assigned to monitor my Mom.  That was about 2 weeks ago.  The other members of the team were nicer, less self-centered and more patient-centered.

 So, I had been praying for Mommy's lungs to be clear of fluid.  And for her to be restored.  And for it to be quick.  And for me to be patient so that God could be God and handle Mommy's case but for God to hurry up.  And for God to kick the devil in his butt and get him out of here.  And then, I felt like I should do what I am here for and turn everything thing else over to God.  Just concentrate on what I am here for.  To be the voice of the voiceless person in the hospital bed that I love dearly.  To make sure that her wishes are known and acted upon.  And to encourage people and to come from a place of joy and love in all of my interactions in this place.  That is all.

Yesterday I got a phone call from inside the hospital while I was in the cardiac waiting room (also in the hospital).   It was the doc who had been so negative about Mommy being able to have a heart procedure.  He explained to me that she was scheduled for the procedure the very next day.  Today!  He then went over, one more time, all of the things that could go wrong. But said if we understood, he was ready to do it.  And I thought to myself:
 1.  This is really sudden.
2.  This is the guy that said she didn't qualify and was really unpleasant about it.
3.  Wow!  There's no way that we could have orchestrated this twist.
4.  Look what happens when you do what you can and God does what only He can!

The procedure went well today and the doc came out encouraged.  No blockages.  He increased the opening through which blood passes about 40% and says that it should last about six months.  Long enough for her to continue to recover and be a candidate for the more permanent procedure.  And he said with a smile, "I am encouraged."  All I can think is that God will use who he wants to use for your good.  He will change the hearts and minds of who He wants to change to make things happen for those who are faithful.  Won't He do it!?  I am so grateful that He will and He does!!