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This is a real tough thing to get good at!

I am on my second week of working with the dietitian.  I did lose half of a pound during my first week, trying to get my footing.  This week, I am concentrating more on using my food log, planning my meals and getting all of my portions in.  I only had one back slide this week.  (I had to have a fitting farewell to cheese. Not proud of it but it happened.)

I have had a very hard time trying to get a good food schedule going with my work schedule.  I have had some unusual days where I worked longer than expected stints.  I went longer than I should have without eating due to needing to be in place for work things.  I also got caught up with running errands on my day off and went too long without eating because I didn't want to stop and get fast food and I didn't pack any snacks.  Ugh!  I do now understand that food gives you the energy and ability to concentrate that you have to fake if you don't eat in a timely fashion.  I could actually feel when I needed to eat.  I had a noticeable drop in energy and it became hard to concentrate.  When I did get to eat (maybe 30 -45 minutes after I needed to), I immediately felt better.  It was kind of freaky.  Lesson learned!! 

This is the first week where I actually ate right every day not just weekdays.  So, I noticed in order to have enough fresh food, I need two trips to the grocery store a week.  But I am surely spending less money on shopping trips buying more real food and less things in boxes and entrees in the freezer section.

So, I am still learning and I am getting smarter with every day that goes by.  I hope I can get more comfortable with meals and snacks plus when to eat them.  And I think I need to be able to pull myself away from activities in order to eat.  I really think that part of this has to do with realizing my worth and standing up for myself.  I mean, a human need is a human need.  The world will be just fine if I take 15 minutes to eat - or even 30 minutes!  Everybody knows it.  I just have to know it too. And be solid in it before it's too late for me to get a meal in.