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Hold on tight. Here we go!

I have heard that one touch of God's favor can put you years ahead in bringing you closer to your destiny.  Well, there is favor on my life.  I have a vision of what I want to create and where I want to be and what I want to do with my life. I have done two vision boards for this year - one in fhe first month of the year that laid things out generally and one done mid-year to sharpen the vision to the next set of things I want to achieve.  This week, I have started to see that vision materialize.

I am stepping into that vision.  I want to be a speaker to share my story and to help others who may have similar situations in their lives.  I want people to be empowered and equipped not overwhelmed and immobilized.  Yesterday and today, I have been given the opportunity to begin that journey.  In just 48 hours, I have received 4 opportunities to share my story and my mission with others on a large scale.  Just 3 months ago, I would have been overwhelmed by this even though it is what I desired.  But today, I embrace these opportunities and I can't wait to get started!  I feel like I am up to the task and I'm ready to be the person that can carry my message.  When you are better equipped to do your job, you make more confident decisions and you work from a place of empowerment.  You are happier and more relaxed.  In turn, the people around you are happier and more relaxed too and you have more peace of mind.

November is National Caregiver Month.  I will be very busy letting family caregivers know that even though it is sometimes a lonely and isolated place from which you do your work as a caregiver, you are not alone.  There is a community out here that can strengthen you and help you carry the weight of your load.  I feel the support of the community already.  And I am looking forward to sharing this with others all over Central Florida and beyond.

The theme for this year is respite.  It is a mental and physical break from the responsibilities of caregiving in which the caregiver gets to relax and recharge.  That break gives you renewed strength and energy to get back into your work rejuvenated.  It's not a dream.  It should be reality.  And it should be done on some sort of a regular basis.  There are as many different ways for respite as there are caregivers and each person knows what it takes to recharge their batteries.  My hope is to help as many as I can to open their minds and remember what jazzes them and let them know it's ok to do that for themselves. Ultimately, it helps the one they take care of too.  So cheers to you for the job you do and not losing yourself in the process!  Let's do this!!