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Webinar: Take Time to Make Memories

Topic: Take Time to Make Memories

In this webinar presentation from Vivian Geary, you will learn new ways to make lasting memories for you and your caree during your caregiving years.

Vivian, one of our students in our Certified Caregiving Consultant™ program, will present this webinar in order to meet her criteria to become certified.

About Vivian
Vivian Geary is founder and CEO, Caring for Family Caregivers. Vivian also is a soon-to-be Certified Caregiver Consultant who coaches family caregivers to turn their chaos into calm. Tips for organization and a fresh perspective on communication and family dynamics is what Vivian brings to the table. In addition, Vivian conducts workshops and seminars to help family caregivers gain knowledge and be the best they can be for their loved ones. Vivian is a working family caregiver for her Mom who suffered a stroke back in 2005. She was a long-distance caregiver for the first two years had has been under the same roof with her Mom in Orlando, Fla., since 2007.